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"The Golden Roots project revolves around an instant and its own eternity.

To Life and the transmutations of death.

To the light that gives birth to all the mourning.

Golden roots revolves around a tribute, to my father."

Technical specifications

Ten elaborated works 6x 9cm

Analogue photography with 12 years expiration date

Gold paper base

Ink printing on Japanese paper

Three coats of cream satin varnish



To collapse in front of life, in the same way as a speck of dust surrenders in the air.


To remain invisible, until we meet a small ray of sunlight and become a particle of gold,

dancing in the most ancient language in the Universe.


The cartography of an instant out of intuition.


A minute blade of sun moving us away from

the routes of conscience, and making us face the eternity that will turn us into light and roots

at the same time.


To look once more in order to retrace the steps of perspective.


To meet again at last the place where the embrace of those who died has never stopped to



Jordi Bresoli


(Traducción de Lorenzo Plana)

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