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Anna Bresoli, (Spain 1979)

Graduated in image & sound and specialized in digital creative photography.

In  2001 in NY she develops the first documental project “Winks of NY”, this will be exhibited in BDG (Bcn), Cafe del Teatre (Lleida), Passanant (Bcn) and La Fabrika (Barcelona).

Member of the collective Cuatro 15 (Barcelona 2002-2010)  and where she starts her artistic projects, that  will  be showed  in photographic festivals like La Fábrica (Bcn), Luna Krea, (Vitoria), Ciudad Colectiva of Sevilla Photo’09,  Passanant Foto’08,

Her works have been an exhibit in fairs like Fotofever (Paris), Afoco (Cordoba), Positions (Berlin), JustMad (Madrid) and Her images have been published in several printed media in Spain and in digital version around the world.


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