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Decompositions" assumes the role of a metaphorical vessel, encapsulating the intricate interplay of our innate vitality with the vast tapestry of nature. In its profound essence, it signifies not merely a conceptual juxtaposition but an intricate dance—a testament to the vital connection we share with the world around us.

This art piece embodies a profound reconciliation, a poignant journey back to nature, where our hearts and instincts are harmoniously interwoven with the natural rhythms that surround us. In this entangled dance of life, "Decompositions" speaks to the resonance within, a reawakening of our inner voices that may have long been silenced by the clamor of modern existence.

In the intricate tapestry of existence, "Decompositions" beckons us to listen to ourselves anew, to find redemption in the symphony of the natural world, and to rekindle the profound, ancient connection that has always been within us, awaiting rediscovery.



En la postmodernitat del consumisme compulsiu i la hiperconectividad virtual,
aflora un brot d'humilitat, un instint de culpa respecte al món que hem enterrat de sota el fonament.

Decompositions és una cerca de l'inconscient de la redempció de l'individu
amb la naturalesa.

Persones que busquen el perdó, que es despullen per tornar a connectar-se
amb aquella realitat tangible amb la qual no haurien d'haver trencat mai.


In the postmodernity of compulsive consumerism and virtual
hyperconnectivity, an outbreak of humility arises, an instinct of guilt regarding

the world we have buried under the foundation.
Decompositions is a search of the unconscious for the redemption of the
individual with nature.

People who seek forgiveness, who undress to reconnect with that tangible
reality with which they should never have broken.


En la posmodernidad del consumismo compulsivo y la hiperconectividad
virtual aflora un brote de humildad, un instinto de culpa respecto al mundo
que hemos enterrado de debajo del cimiento.

Decompositions es una búsqueda del inconsciente de la redención del
individuo con la naturaleza.

Personas que buscan el perdón, que se desnudan para volver a conectarse
con aquella realidad tangible con la cual no beberian que haber roto nunca.

Jaume Barrull ( Diari La Manyana)

Photographer fine art

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