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The Alchemist at Home

The Alchemist at Home

”As precious gems are transformed by the richness of our earth, Gemme does something similar, cultivating classical materials into magical treasures.”

Gemme focuses on creating nostalgic beauty through simplicity; thoughtfully and sustainably. We tell stories of history through quality and traditional hand craft.            

This company prides itself on the passion it harnesses regarding sustainability, specifically in the fashion and art industries.

“We realize the need to adopt sustainability as a way of life.”


By building Gemme off of a transparent business model, we have developed a localized supply chain that sources and produces every collection as locally as possible, centering from Berlin, Germany.

We are dedicated to our principles of honest and sustainable business practices, we put value back into what - and how - we create and consume. Being resourceful and keeping our process local is important to us - from design development and material sourcing to job creation. We do this by understanding and stimulating the local economy by supplying jobs to skilled wombxn artisans in our community.


“Working towards a smarter future depends on our ability to sustain our­selves more efficiently- as individuals and collectively- while existing harmoniously with our environment.” 


Get to know our earth on a more intuitive level by learning about folk and occult culture with us. Esoteric knowledge teaches us to worship the earth through ritual. In our practice, we incorporate many holistic traditions that we like to share with the community such as hand mending, recycling, upcycling, herbalism, tea making, gardening, astrology, symbolism and mindfulness psychology. We think and feel that as a clothing brand it is our responsibility to create a profound ethos, rich in culture and progressive learning.

Thank you for being a part of our world:)

Jennifer Williams

The Alchemist at Home
The Alchemist at Home
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